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Kurtaceous emails

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is Kurtaceous you ask? Kurtaceous is a word I made up to address a prevalent kind of email that is sent to group email listservs. Most group email listservs have guidelines about subject matter that must be adhered to, for example I belong to the Arizona New Mexico Birdlist and proper etiquette is to only post messages about birds or birding in Arizona or New Mexico, messages about your recent trip to Texas or Africa are frowned upon and in most cases looked upon as simply bragadocious emails. And political messages about cats killing birds or ornithologists collecting birds are examples of topics that have been banned from discussion! An example of a kurtaceous post is after someone posts they saw a rare Groove-billed Ani in Tucson a reply is "Yeah Groove-billed Anis are great, I just saw several on my trip to the rio grnde valley last week" this reply has zero to do with the original post, the member just wants you to know they were in Texas birding last week.

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