Cindy and Kurt Radamaker 

Birding, hiking, camping and beyond.

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Photo Albums

Family, Friends and other adventures

Family Profiles

Cindy's Family

Harold Biggers
Carol Huermann
Laura and Christopher Birkett
  Andy Birkett
  Michael Birkett

Carissa and James Johnson

Kurt's Family

Ted Radamaker Sr.
Patricia Radamaker

Dallis Radamaker
  Lynn Radamaker
  Kilian Radamaker

Pamela Radamaker
  Ray Naylor
  Christine Naylor
  Graham Naylor
  Thea Naylor

Ted Radamaker jr.

Christine and  Dave House
  Nicholas Giommi
  Gina Giommi


The Dogs

Album contains 11 images.

Dallis in Tokyo

Album contains 8 images.

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

Album contains 12 images.

Kurt and Cindy Mexico

Album contains 19 images.

Hualapai Mountains

Album contains 12 images.

Peru 2017

Album contains 0 images.